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A/V Equipment Available in the Meeting Room

The meeting room has a full range of audio visual equipment:

LCD projector capable of 1024x768 resolution

Lavaliere or handheld microphone for speaker
Two handheld microphones for Q&A

Laser Pointer

A GRC AV Manager is in the meeting room at all times during the sessions. The AV Manager operates the audio/visual equipment, room lights, and assists with microphone distribution during Q&A.

The AV Manager will be available to assist speakers in the meeting room thirty minutes before the start of each session. Speakers are encouraged to make use of this time to ensure their presentation materials are properly set-up. Sound levels are also established at this time.

LCD Projector Users

GRC does not provide computers in the session room. Speakers must supply their own laptop computer, power cord and any other proprietary cables, connectors or adaptors that are required to properly connect their laptops to the LCD projector.

The LCD projector can accommodate both PCs and MACs. It is capable of XGA (1024x768) screen resolution.

GRC provides a number VGA cables to connect laptops to the LCD projector (four computers can be hooked up simultaneously). If a speaker's laptop requires a connector other than the standard 15-pin VGA type, it is the responsibility of the speaker to provide it.

Tip: If you cannot read the presentation on your laptop screen from 10 feet away, then your presentation will not be legible to the audience.


Neither GRC nor the conference site is responsible for the security of any personal equipment during the meeting.
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