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Poster Specifications

Please prepare your poster to fit the dimensions listed below.

For best results, please prepare your poster to fit within the dark shaded area in the above diagram (4 feet x 4 feet, or 1.2 m x 1.2 m). Content placed in the lower portion of the board is not easily viewable by attendees. Note: The posters are fixed on stands and can not be rotated. Please prepare your materials to fit the indicated width and height. Mounting supplies are provided by the site.

Submitting or Updating a Poster Abstract

If you didn't submit a poster abstract at the time of application, or wish to update your previously submitted abstract, you may still do so any time prior to the start of the meeting. You should have received an acknowledgement email upon receipt of your online application. This email contains a link that will allow you to submit or update your poster abstract. If you no longer have your application acknowledgement email, please visit our contact information page and send an email to the Conference Operations Associate assigned to the meeting you are attending.

Please note that the title of your abstract should not exceed 200 characters and the body must be text-only.

Poster Schedule

The poster session schedule, which is developed by the organizers (Chair and/or Vice Chair), will be emailed to all registrants the week prior to the meeting.

Poster Printing Services

  • PosterSmith is a company that prints posters on fabric. This service is very convenient for attendees traveling to conferences, as it allows posters to easily be folded and stored in suitcases, rather than requiring the use of cardboard tubes or other shipping solutions.

    PosterSmith provides a special discount to GRC attendees: 15% off the total order amount, as well as an extra $20 off for each additional poster ordered in the same shipment. To receive the discount, use this special link (or apply the coupon code "GRC" when ordering).
  • Bates College now has access to print participant posters on-site. Attendees have 2 options:

    1. Participants can email the poster in PDF Format: Posters should be emailed at least 3 business days in advance to postandprint@bates.edu. Post and Print will email the participants when the poster is ready. They can then go to Post and Print and pick up the poster in person. The cost will be $50 per poster and can be paid by cash or credit card. The posters can ONLY be picked up Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Post and Print is located at 65 Campus Avenue.
    2. Go to Post and Print in person to request a poster be printed: When Post and Print is open during the week (Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm) attendees can walk into Post and Print and ask for them to print a poster. They can hand them a thumb drive. Please know that posters may take up to 2 hours to print. The cost will be $50 per poster and can be paid by cash or credit card. Post and Print is located at 65 Campus Avenue.
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