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Guide for First-Time GRC Meeting Attendees

Thank you! We are glad you are joining us at a GRC meeting.

Your conference was planned by dedicated volunteers from your discipline and GRC staff. We have worked hard to make sure it is the best conference you attend this year! During the week, you will have lots of time for networking and recreation with members of your GRC community. All sessions are informal and designed to provide ample time for discussion.

If you're new to attending GRC meetings, the following information will help you plan your visit. And if you're traveling from outside the United States, be sure to also check out our Information for International Attendees guide!

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Meeting Format

Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) are:

  • Created by scientists, for scientists
  • Forums to discuss pre-publication research at the forefront of your field
  • Informal communities of experts in the field
  • Held in isolated locations to minimize distractions and maximize time for discussion and networking

At your GRC meeting, there will be invited talks as well as contributed posters. Talks are grouped in sessions by topic, and posters are displayed in a large room where attendees can review them at their own pace. GRC values time for discussion, and the conference schedule reflects that value.

A detailed program – as well as information about the site, travel, poster size, and other details for your meeting – is available on our web site. Refer to the links in the menu on the left for more details.

What to Pack

Informal gatherings and outdoors recreation are part of every GRC event.

Attendees enjoy the casual atmosphere of our conferences and typically bring a relaxed wardrobe of casual shirts, slacks or jeans, shorts, and comfortable shoes. You may also wish to pack clothes and sunscreen for activities available at your GRC, such as bike riding, hiking, swimming or kayaking. These activities will vary from meeting to meeting. GRC meetings are held in many locations, so be sure to check the weather, and be prepared for the climate outdoors, and in the meeting rooms.

Most attendees also bring a laptop or paper notebook for taking notes during the meeting.

Tips from Past Attendees

Plan your thirty-second introduction. Be able to summarize who you are and what you do professionally in half a minute. That way, when you arrive you'll be ready to quickly connect with other GRC attendees.

Bring some business cards. If your organization doesn't provide them for you, make your own using any word-processing software and perforated paper. Networking is an integral part of the GRC meeting.

GRC meetings are friendly. People attend GRC meetings to get to know other experts in their field. Everyone at your conference is approachable. Be comfortable asking questions and sharing information about your own work.

Many people attend this conference every time it is held. When you arrive you may find groups of people catching up with old friends from past GRC meetings. Feel free to go up and introduce yourself, and tell them that you are a new member of the community. They will make you feel welcome.

You won't need a car. The majority of the people attending the meeting arrive by bus. Once you arrive at your GRC, you won't need a vehicle – the action is at the conference.

GRC staff is there to help. An onsite office is available at every GRC event. The team there can assist with any questions or needs you may have. Want to sign up for one of the recreational outings? Easy! Need a replacement badge? We've got you covered. Please let us know how we can help you get the most out of your GRC meeting.

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