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Past attendees agree that Gordon Research Seminars are the best venue to interact with peers, develop a network of new contacts, and build confidence about participating in the associated Gordon Research Conference. Discover for yourself how Gordon Research Seminars can advance your career.

Here are a few reasons why graduate students and post-docs recommend attending a GRS:

  • "The idea of having a conference organized by and for students and post docs is so unique and empowering! I love that the participants had the chance to become friends and present and discuss our science before all of the big-name scientists in our field showed up for the main conference. Every GRC should have a GRS!"
  • "Networking was so easy here. I met several other post docs in the transition to beginning their own labs. We were able to share our experiences, and I even found some potential collaborators."
  • "At the seminar I got significantly more advice and discussion on my project than I have at previous conferences and events. The small group size and relaxed atmosphere allowed candid, supportive exchanges and by the start of the GRC I felt much more self-confidence around all the big-name 'celebrities' of my field."
  • "I enjoyed most the scientific community present and all of the opportunities it afforded: people were open to discuss all kinds of research, all faculty members there were amazingly supportive and gave tons of advice about applying for jobs and offering contacts, and there was such a collegial atmosphere that I felt encouraged to continue in a scientific career. The people were just wonderful and the conference was well-organized."
  • "The atmosphere was very inviting and relaxed such that it was a comfortable and non-intimidating space to ask questions, interact with peers, and learn about some cutting edge science."
  • "It was a great atmosphere for junior scientists to interact, make contacts, exchange ideas, and get to know each other. I think this put everyone more at ease to be actively involved in the GRC, and gave many students the first opportunity to present a talk at a conference. We also got the chance to see all of each other's posters before the main meeting. Overall, the quality of presentations was very high."
  • "It was amazing to present my research to such an open and welcoming audience. I gained two potential leads for my PhD work in the future, and had overwhelming advice and input from mentors and students there. It was AMAZING. The last conference where I presented the beginning of this work yielded no collaborations and only one person stopped by my poster for more than a few moments. This time I had someone at my poster constantly. It was really encouraging to me and showed me I'm on the right track. I loved this event. Because of this, I am no longer reluctant to present in public. Thank you GRC!"
  • "By having just a handful of senior GRC members, the GRS provided an environment in which the next generation of scientists could engage in thoughtful, intellectual discussion in a meeting setting. The chance to bond with peers and practice active meeting participation led to a GRC with more student involvement would normally occur - the pre-meeting confidence booster generated by the GRS was essential to this."
  • "The time for discussion is the most defining aspect of the seminar and conference. Attending the talks and poster sessions, as well as housing and dining together, facilitates conversations and networking that are hard to impossible to initiate in larger society meetings."
  • "I was delighted to give a talk and receive excellent feedback both after my talk and the subsequent poster session."
  • "The research at this conference was cutting edge and opened my eyes to areas beyond my current research. I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn about so many new techniques and types of research that were present at this conference."

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